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Some of the unique features of our services are:

  1. Each patient is assigned a dedicated key worker who is responsible throughout the individual’s stay in the institute and mapping the journey into recovery and rehabilitation.
  2. There are gender specific floors for stay arrangements and a healthy mix of them during sessions and meal times under watchful eyes.
  3. An in-house kitchen, with a dedicated full time cook caters to the specific needs of all patients (both vegetarian and non-vegetarian).
  4. The patients are encouraged to participate in the management and upkeep of their personal belongings, living areas and surroundings, as a way of imparting values of self-dependency and caring for others.
  5. There are regular group and individual therapy sessions throughout the day.
  6. There is a time-tested daily routine and structure that is encouraged (with a token economy reward system) to generate and re-inforce discipline, self-control and time management.
  7. Medication management is under strict control & scrutiny.
  8. Every individual is regarded with utmost respect and care. Radiant deals with issues of probity and lack of patient respect or abuse from staff (if any) with an iron fist.
  9. There are regular family counselling sessions to help the families understand their wards’ illness and post-discharge management.
  10. A healthy and therapeutic relationship is maintained with patients and families after discharge.
If you or your relative has an addiction or a psychiatric problem, we would like you to turn to Radiant Psychiatry Hospital in Hyderabad, because it serves its patient population with dedication, dignity and respect that anybody deserves.