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De-Addiction Services

Alcohol Addiction

What’s Addiction….?

When a drug user can’t stop taking a drug even if he wants to, it’s called addiction. The urge is too strong to control, even if you know the drug is causing harm.When people start taking drugs, they don’t plan to get addicted. They like how the drug makes them feel. They believe they can control how much and how often they take the drug. However, drugs change the brain. Drug users start to need the drug just to feel normal. That is addiction, and it can quickly take over a person’s life.

Addiction can become more important than the need to eat or sleep. The urge to get and use the drug can fill every moment of a person’s life. The addiction replaces all the things the person used to enjoy. A person who is addicted might do almost anything—lying, stealing, or hurting people—to keep taking the drug. This could get the person arrested.Alcohol and other addictive substances (commonly known as “drugs”) destroy the very fabric of life of an individual.

They lead to multi- dimensional social, cultural, financial, medical and mental health problems which in turn destroy one´s family. Loss of employment, divorce, family disowning patients etc., are very commonly seen experiences affecting an individual with alcohol or drug dependence.Addiction is a chronic medical disease that can, and must be managed. There is no cure, but just like other chronic medical conditions, it can be treated and controlled. Taking the first steps requires courage. Addiction is not simply a weakness.

People from all backgrounds, rich or poor, can get an addiction. Addiction can happen at any age, but it usually starts when a person is young.Scientific studies of people with addictions are now stacking up evidence that there is a change in one´s brain morphology and neurochemistry that leads to a person unable to give up his addictions. Hence, it will not be too long before alcohol and drug addiction are fully established as mental illnesses, and people suffering from these will need to be treated with the same care and compassion that is employed in treating people with other physical and medical illnesses.

Radiant Hospital understands that addiction is a brain disease.- Drugs change how the brain works.- These brain changes can last for a long time.- They can cause problems like mood swings, memory loss, even trouble thinking and making decisions.- People with addiction need treatment.Radiant Hospital offers various treatment options to get rid of your addiction. Get in touch now! Get help now! If you have not used drugs before, and somebody offers you to take, JUST SAY NO!!!


De-Addiction Services

Over the years, there has been a paradigm shift in people´s views about alcohol problems. Earlier, they were commonly known as ´life style´ problems and self inflicted misery, brought upon themselves. With this theory, nobody or nothing else is blamed, except the person himself or herself. This obviously adds to the burden of guilt that an individual, gripped by his dependence, goes through. The guilt if unchecked and untreated, may lead to depressive illness and ultimately to death- by suicide- or by sequelae of alcohol and other drugs.

However, it is being increasingly recognised that addiction to alcohol is a brain disease, and hence it needs to be treated.Radiant Hospital has excellent facilities for initial detoxification by management of early withdrawal symptoms, and offering long term rehabilitation treatment, based on the recovery model.Radiant Hospital has comprehensive treatment programmes that include Detoxification, Motivation Enhancement for behavioral change, training in techniques to prevent relapse and intervention for families of persons with alcohol dependence. Patients with co-existing emotional, behavioural or psychiatric problems are treated using appropriate procedures, and are advised long term medical treatment as a standard procedure.

Radiant Hospital is proud to stand out from other rehabilitation centres in having trained psychiatrists available on site for several hours every day and are on call 24/7.Radiant Hosipatl interventions services can help you to realize you have an addiction problem. The process of conducting an intervention can be difficult, particularly with regards to best strategy and timing. Our De-addiction center with team of well qualified and experienced psychiatrists will counsel you to de-tox yourself from alcohol and other drugs, and to improve your mental well-being. So our professional addictions therapist with lot of experience will guide you through this journey.

Our Services

  • Pre-admission counselling
  • Detoxification & Management of Withdrawal symptoms
  • Long-term rehabilitation
  • AA Step work
  • Family Programme
We are specialized in providing superior quality patient care programs customized to individual needs. We provide recognized alcohol treatment programs that help people to prevent addiction and live healthy lifestyle. If you or your relative has an alcohol problem, do not delay anymore. Get help now! If anybody offers you a drink, JUST SAY NO!


This programme is meant for people who only need a short period of detoxification, in order to deal with withdrawal symptoms, and then continue on to the path of recovery with their individual efforts. It is an individualised, exclusive 10-day programme to get your body detoxified from alcohol, opiates, cocaine, sleeping pills, cannabis, tobacco, Gutkha and other addictive substances, and other addictions like gambling, internet addiction and online gaming addiction.

Aftercare Services:

We at Radiant Hospital are committed to helping our patients remain free of their addiction once they have got rid of them. Before our patients are discharged, we help them in the preparation of their individualised Relapse Prevention Plan (RPP) as well as a Continuing Care Plan (CCP).Our Aftercare Programme (ACP) includes a clearly defined plan to help our patients monitor their progress once they leave Radiant Hospital. We want to remain a part of their recovery from drug & alcohol addiction. We organise weekly meetings for those who have been discharged home, which are often attended by family members also. We have our Community Psychiatric Nurses (CPNs) who visit our patients at home if they default from attending follow up meetings.The meetings are held at Radiant Hospital premises every Thursday at 6.30 pm. There are no additional charges for attending these meetings.

Support & treatment is regularly provided for the following illness

  • Co- dependency
  • Internet addiction
  • Online Gaming addiction